Sue Beers Learning Strategies:

Classroom Strategy Tools--courtesy of Carol Eisenbies:
1. Strategy & Trait Descriptions- This is a two-page "at a glance" document that lists and explains the reading comprehension strategies on one sheet and the writing traits can be run off on the back side.

 2. Strategy Cards- These can be cut apart and held up at various points during "think-aloud" lessons in order to make the name of the strategy more concrete (visible) to the students. You could run them on colored cardstock or just mount them on colored construction paper to make them more durable. Six of the seven strategies have just a one-word label (along with some guiding info), so that can make it a little easier for students to focus.

3. Strategy Posters- This is actually an 11-page document. It uses the EXACT wording that is found on the two-page "at a glance" document. It's just enlarged so it can be cut apart easily and displayed on a bulletin board or on individual posters, charts, etc. The words are large so they can be seen at a distance.

4. Strategies & Traits (Reduced Size)- This is the same information that's found on the two-page. Here the information for the strategies and traits has been reduced so the reading comprehension strategies appear on the left side of the document and the traits are on the right side.